==Consignment Store==

AoI - Evasive Behavior [0] (+10) 1,495,095
MS - Solar Recharger [22] (+57) 10,614,300
A Jigorokano Familiar lvl 538,850 9,781,106

==Character Bios==
[] '''Conundrum'''


Holds record for most powerful blow. Done using all STR, Freed's bow and a massively upgraded Slayer Arrow during a free retrain.

''Ownership History''

Created by True Devil (IIRC)

Bought by SNK3R

Won by novice in the greatest contest ever

Given to Atomicboy

Returned to novice


Joined CB1 in July 7th 04, the summer of flood. The poor ops in NP.


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==novice page discussion==

Q: En light me Novice why do we need these pages? - Pizzaman[]

A: I've been trying to figure out a way to do a consignment store for years, the wiki makes it easy. In addition this is
the only way to create the char and account BIOS I've always wanted.

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